Trusting and Unmoving – Hannah Whitall Smith

Path into light
Path into light

The names Jehovah-shammah and Emmanuel mean the same thing. They mean that God is everywhere present in His universe, surrounding everything, sustaining everything, and holding all of us in His safe and blessed keeping.
It will help you if you will put your trust into words. Say, “God is my dwelling place, and I am going to abide in Him forever. It is all settled; I am in this divine habitation and I am safe here and I am not going to move again.” You must meet all assaults of doubt and discouragement with the assertion that you know you will not be confounded; and you must declare that, let other people do as they may, you are going to abide in your divine dwelling place forever. Then, having taken this stand, you must refuse to reconsider the matter.
In all this I do not, of course, mean that we are to lie in bed and let things go. I am talking about the inner aspect of our affairs not the outer. Outwardly we may have to be full of active carefulness, but it must all be from the inner basis of a soul that has hidden itself and all its interests in the dwelling place of God and is therefore “careful for nothing” (Phil. 4:6) in the Bible sense of having no anxious thoughts. To be without inner care is the surest foundation for successful outer care. The soul that is hidden in the dwelling place of God, is the soul that will be able to bear triumphantly earth’s greatest trials and conquer its strongest foes.
Hannah Whitall Smith
From the time of her conversion in 1858 until her death more than sixty years later in 1911, Hannah Whitall Smith served as a spiritual guide for thousands of Christians around the world.

Smith, H. W., Dieter, M. E., & Dieter, H. A. (1986). God is enough. New York: Random House.

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