Think about it…


I’m not being condescending;

I just really don’t believe most people really think about what they believe. The just take for granted that it’s true either because most believe it or they trust the institution or person that told them it was true. So, they just don’t see the need, or take the time to think about it. They let someone else do that for them already. When it comes to a topic like Eternal Torment in the Flames of Hell; they do not want to think about it either… I mean, I understand; who would? If you believe that is true it would be a painful experience indeed!

I think it should be. For if one would only think about it long enough to fully grasp the incalculable magnitude of the suffering that would imply – conscience eternal torment of a degree unimaginable to the human mind with no relief ever for billions and trillions of years and you’re just getting started on eternity… I would hope it would make them want to dig a little deeper on the subject…

That’s what I did, and that’s why we’re here. To bring the Good News of a Good Loving God who would not allow or even create the possibility of such a horrific fate to even one of his creatures. We hope to bring some peace to tormented religious minds that do think about it. We declare that as the story Jesus told about the 99 sheep being left in the pasture to go and search for that one lost sheep – until he finds it! So that there will be Not 1 Lost! Praise God! (Luke 15:4-7) Actually if you look at the context Jesus told several stories about lost things being looked for until they are found! He wanted to make his point clear when he told these and especially ending with the lost son coming home!


Dennis D. Caldwell

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